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Tuningsworld A/C Hydraulic Hose Crimper Air Conditioning Repair Crimping Hand Tools Die Set

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Can be used on both beaded and barbed hose fittings Compatible for shop and field application

Condition: 100% Brand New
Warranty: 2 years warranty for any manufacturing defect
Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above

1x Crimper
7x Complete Die Set
1x Carry Case
Compatible for Hose Size: #8(13/32in), #10(1/2in), #12(5/8in)
Reduced Barrier Hose: #6(5/16in), #8(13/32in), #10(1/2in), #12(5/8in)

No instruction included; Professional installation & alignment suggested.
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Installation Suggestion
Open the relief valve to recess the piston fully
Rotate the yoke fully counter clockwise to bottom out the adapter bed
Remove pin and loose the handle until top yoke can be opened
Insert the die into joke
Position fitting and hose in the crimper and close the yoke.
Insert pin
Turn Body of tool clock wise til dies are snug against hose fitting
Turn hydraulic valve to closed position
Pump handle to crimp fitting onto hose and continue pumping til handle comes to a stop
Turn hydraulic valve to OPEN position when crimp is completed